Small Groups

We’re back meeting in person again
From the beginning of the Christian Church, the followers of Jesus have met together in small groups, as well as gathering in large numbers. Our primary reason for belonging to a small group is to love and encourage each other as we follow Jesus. We do that through listening to him speak to us through the Bible, speaking to him in prayer, and caring, encouraging and building one another up in Christ. We also want to reach out to those who don’t know Jesus and small groups can be a brilliant means of doing that.

So we encourage everyone who is part of Kensington to be part of a small group. There are many of them! The KBC Youth Group is for 14-18’s and meets on Fridays; Home Groups meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays across the city.


If you’re not in a home group and you’re a regular at Kensington we’d love you to join one! Please click on the relevant location below and fill out the form to let us know which small group you’re interested in joining.

What to expect

Home Groups meet every week normally for about 90 mins. There are four key features that we love to encourage;

    • Bible Study – The Bible is so important because it is God’s Word. We know who God is and who we are as read and reflect. Each time Home Groups meet a chunk of time is given over to unpacking the Bible and thinking through what God’s Word says.
    • Prayer – After we’ve listened to God speak to us, we want to enter into the conversation! In prayer we respond to what we have learnt in the Bible. We pray for the church and the world. We pray for individual needs in the Home Group.
    • Fellowship – Home Groups are places where through then Bible and prayer we can care for one another. Home Groups are committed to caring for one another including hospitality and serving each other.
    • Witness – Home Groups are outward looking. Through studying the Bible together, prayer and loving one another a natural awareness will be for those around us who don’t know Jesus. Home Groups are great places to reach out and invite in and love those around us in our neighbourhoods and friendships circles.

See where our small groups meet across the city

To join a small group, please click on the homegroup, or for information email office on