We take the care of children and safeguarding adults very seriously and work hard to ensure that we operate in line with current best practice.

These recommendations include areas such as day-to-day care, DBS clearance and training.

We operate procedures that take account of the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable adults, including arrangements for appropriate checks on new staff, volunteers and trustees where applicable.

Download our adult safeguarding policy here

As Christians our first responsibility is to glorify God by living according to the principles in His Word. It is therefore our desire that all our church activities, especially those involving children and young people, be characterised by integrity, wisdom and love. It is our desire to provide Christian teaching and example in an atmosphere of safety and enjoyment.

As a church we therefore state our commitment to:

  • Value all children and young people as those loved by God and made in His image.
  • Pray for our Children’s Work.
  • Do our utmost to ensure their protection within church premises and during organised trips and events.
  • Encourage and support parents/carers.
  • Ensure that our children’s/youth workers are given support and training.
  • Have a system for dealing with concerns about possible abuse.
  • Maintain good links with the statutory child care authorities.

Download our children’s safeguarding policy here

As of Monday 19th July 2021, the latest information on the relaxtion of Covid-19 restrictions are on the building page. These have superceded our previous restrictions.

A copy of our risk assessment (pre-19th July) can be downloaded from here.

Safeguarding contact details

If you would like more information or have any concerns please speak to a member of staff or contact one of the team below.

Church Safeguarding Lead: Simon Price

Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Officers: Peter Prior, Andy Howlett

Contact the church office.