Pastors and church staff

Simon Price
Senior Pastor

James Morrison
Assistant Pastor

Malina Gitahi
Office Staff


Stewart Heap

Pete Dyer

Anthony Oldfield

Andy Thomas

Simon Woods

Femi Ogunniyi


Grace Beveridge

Alan Bowden

Geoff Andrews

Andy Howlett

Joannie Nakakawa-Hampson

Phil Hodges

Leeza Awojobi

Adrian Andrew

Paul Dodson

Sunday Services

We meet at 10.30 on Sunday morning at Kensington Baptist Church for a service at 11am, at 208, Stapleton Road in the heart of Easton, and again at 6.30pm in the evening.


Join a small group

From the beginning of the Christian church, the followers of Jesus have met in small groups to pray and study his word. By being a part of a home group we can love and encourage each other as we follow Jesus. We do that through listening to him speak to us through the Bible, speaking to him in prayer, and caring, encouraging, and building one another up in Christ.


What’s on?

Whether you are just looking into Christianity or have been a Christian for years, we would love you to join with us at one of our groups. We have a wide range of activities running through the week for people at all ages and stages. Click to find out


What we believe

All about our great God

History of Kensington

25th July 1831. The Church was founded. Church began with buildings, including Sunday Sch rooms, in Thrissle St. Easton, and a documented Constitution


18th Feb 1855. A fire started that destroyed the majority of the building, except for shell of the property. Congregation met in nearby church building whilst the church building was rebuilt.


10th April 1888. The congregation moved to a new building on Stapleton Road to accommodate a larger and growing congregation.




1939-45. Adjustments to cope with the impact of the war






1968. The church ceased to be a member of the Baptist Union for doctrinal reasons







1988. Andrew Paterson joined the church as Pastor and continued to serve for 24 years, becoming the longest serving Pastor at Kensington.







2002. Radical repair and modernisation of church building whilst the congregation met elsewhere for 14 months. The Baptistry was moved, pews were replaced with chairs, the front door area was altered, the kitchens were modernised and a lift was put in to make the building more accessible.











2007 50 people moved to Headley Park Church in South Bristol to join with the congregation there and revive the church







2010 Two satellite churches planted in Emerson’s Green and Bristol City Centre to reach more of the city –  The Village Church and Bristol City Centre Church

2012 Simon joins the church as Pastor

2019 Bristol City Centre Church merged with Broadmead Baptist Church and became independent





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