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The children at Easton have always been important to us and we have lots and lots of children, so whatever age you are you’ll find a group that is just right, and other children that they’ll soon be friends with.

Crèche – Birth to 3 years old

During the morning service we have a crèche staffed by experienced people, supported by parents, who will care for your baby or toddler. Our people have many years of child care experience and will ensure that your child has a safe and fun time playing with the good quality toys whilst you enjoy the service. The crèche is available throughout the whole service but your little one can join at any time to fit in with their own needs.

All of the other children start the morning activities in the service and then leave together.

Sparklers – Age 3 to the end of ‘Pre-School’

Here your child will begin to learn about some of the great age old Bible Stories as they sing fun songs and do their craft and colouring.

All of our other kids groups start their time together as one big group, where they get an overview of the day’s topic. As with all of our children’s work the sessions are bright, fun and thought provoking. Then they split into age related groups so that they can learn truth about God in a way that is just right for their age. We have just started a brand new teaching programme across all of our groups. The groups are:


Dazzlers – Reception Year and Year 1

As the children become used to school we aim our teaching and activities to meet their growing desire to learn as we share with them a deeper understanding about God.


Superstars – Year 2 and 3

The children start to delve that bit deeper; we try to help them understand the message of the Bible, once again in a fun and creative way.


All Stars 1 – Year 4 and 5

Here the children are finding things out for themselves as they work their way through worksheets, puzzles and discussions.


All Stars 2 – Year 6 and 7

This is our oldest group in the morning that helps the children to explore how faith can and should affect the everyday life of children either about to change to secondary school or finding their way in a new much larger world.


Throughout all of these groups we tailor all that we do so that everyone is included and able to fully take part. We want the children to enjoy all that they do and want to come back for more – which they almost invariably do!

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