Door to Door - Kensington Baptist Church


Door to door is to encourage those with a community and evangelistic heart, and as one small element of our outreach to make Jesus known in the community by introducing the church, building bridges, following up existing contacts and developing friendships.

Our purpose primarily is to make Jesus known and see his glory revealed in Easton and by his grace see people coming to faith.  The ministry is not driven by results but by his glory and the delight of sharing the gospel.

We visit homes the 1st and 3rd Wednesday every month April to September with a view to making new contacts and revisiting existing ones,


  • We introduce the church family
  • Take an interest in the welfare of the Easton community
  • Make known church activities and events that are relevant
  • Distribute information literature,
  • Follow up contacts
  • Develop friendships


We often meet people who come to the building for other activities. In addition we regularly see residents on a Saturday outreach with whom we are already acquainted.


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