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Christianity Explored is a 7 week course (one evening per week) for people interested in or new to the Christian faith. It is ideal for those who are unsure what to believe when it comes to God and religion and want to wrestle with questions in an informal, no pressure environment.

The course is structured around the study of a short book called the Gospel of Mark which is found in the Bible. It seeks to explore three fundamental questions relating to the evidence for and against Christianity.


  • Who was Jesus?
  • What was his mission in life?
  • What relevance does this have to us?


Each week features a 15 minute DVD about a short section in the Gospel of Mark. We’ll chat through it and unpack the evidence from  it to weigh up Christianity and what it means for us.  The course is run in a home environment.  We will meet and travel together. Light refreshments are provided.


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