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If you have come to study in Bristol, Kensington offers you a warm welcome. We value students as part of our church family and encourage them to integrate into all parts of church life. We would encourage you to investigate our ‘Impact’ meeting where we seek to meet together to grow and encourage each other in serving Jesus.

Welcome to Bristol! You are really welcome at Kensington. We value having students as part of our church family across all three congregations. Our mission at Kensington is to magnify Christ and make disciples here in Bristol and beyond. We want to support you guys in your walks with Christ and encourage you as you seek to live for him during your time at university.

As a student team we meet every other week after the evening service for food, study and prayer. We also have a weekly book club and this term will be digging deeper into C J Mahaney’s book The Cross Centered Life. We are committed to encouraging students to be part of 1-to-1 discipleship relationships and treating you as part of our church family.

There are always great opportunities to get involved whatever your gifting, be it with music, children, welcoming people at the door or another area of church life so just let us know.

If you would like to find out more or need a lift to the City Centre or Easton then please email us at or just grab one of the guys at CU.



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