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Are we ‘foreigners’ in Britain?

  I lived for four years in Russia – I love the country and I’ve learned a lot from my Russian friends.  I was born in Kenya – I love the country and I’ve learned a lot from my Kenyan friends.  But my passport says that I am British.  English was the first language I Read More


by Tom Martin


Unity is more important than ever

One thing that we have learned from the results of the EU referendum is that our country is divided. The working class, those living in rural communities, and the older generation voted overwhelmingly for Leave while graduates, city dwellers, and the young voted Remain. There were clearly many different reasons for voting Leave: taking back Read More


by Tom Martin


So what now?

I don’t think many of us expected the referendum result! Some of us will be feeling very disappointed and bruised, perhaps even angry. Others may be feeling delighted, even excited about a future outside the EU. The older among us have the advantage of a sense of perspective – we have lived through many elections Read More


by Steve Wilmshurst

40 Days of Prayer

Click here to download the devotionals for 11th-15th July Click here to download the booklet for the 40 Days (Earlier devotions at the bottom of this post) Join us for prayer by following the devotional booklets and by meeting with us: Tuesdays @ 8pm – rotating around congregations Wednesdays – in your Homegroup Thursdays @ Read More


by Office Admin

The EU – in or out?

  When I was in my teens, the European Union – then known as the EEC – had just nine members. Out on the sillier fringes of Christian beliefs about the end-times, there was the idea that when a tenth member joined, the organisation would fulfil the picture of the ten-horned Beast of Revelation 13. Read More


by Steve Wilmshurst


Crazy Busy

Thinking about Mark’s sermon last night on ‘busyness’ reminded me about a book I read recently on this topic by Kevin DeYoung. Here are a few notes I made on the book that you might find helpful. Busyness can ruin my joy – our lives should be marked by joy (Phil 4:4) but busyness attacks Read More


by Tom Martin

DCF 1.0

Amazing Grace

I’m reading a book about John Newton, the man who wrote the hymn ‘Amazing Grace’, and how he lived the Christian life.  Newton was a wicked young man. He swore, gambled, tried witchcraft, and slept with women as he travelled the world on a slave ship.  He didn’t enjoy alcohol but he drank to get Read More


by Tom Martin

Joint Kensington Morning Service

There will be one service combining all three congregations at 208 Stapleton Road in the morning.


by Office Admin

Spurgeon image (2)

Motto Verse 2015

Spurgeon challenges us to grasp more and more God’s love for us


by Office Admin

The Christmas Feast

A short reflection on the recent Christmas Feast event…


by Office Admin

Second copy

Gospel Pub Group Gets into Gear

John Beveridge introduces the Gospel Jamming Collective…


by Office Admin


Day Centre – 40 Year Celebration!

A short reflection written by Ben Deeley about the Day Centre 40th Year Celebration…


by Office Admin


‘Al Massira’ Training Event 2015

Fri 30th Jan – Sunday 1st Feb 2015 – Booking form available to download here


by Office Admin

Idolatry: the Sin behind the Sin

Here is the start from Jason Taylor’s challenging message on ‘Idolatry: the Sin behind the Sin’. If this whet’s your appetite, the recording will soon be available to download…


by Jonny Herring


Kensington Annual Holiday 2014

What happened when 150 people from Easton, Village and BC3 got together over the August bank holiday weekend…


by Office Admin

Meet the Ministry Apprentices

Si Short and Ben Deeley – our two new Ministry Apprentices – introduce themselves by answering a mixture of questions…


by Jonny Herring


My Foolish Heart

An illustration from a recent sermon, looking at Psalm 14v1-3 – The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”


by Jonny Herring

What should we think about the Gaza crisis?

The crisis in Gaza has shocked and saddened us all. Christians are taking a wide range of views on this conflict. How should we be thinking about it? How can we pray? What can we do? In view of the confusion and disagreement in the Christian community, I’ve decided it would be good to put together a short piece on the conflict…


by Steve Wilmshurst


Nextgen Encounter 2014

SImon Woods tells us about the very first Nextgen Encounter – an annual youth event hosted at Kensington for young people across Bristol…


by Jonny Herring


A Trip to Moody Farm

John Beveridge writes about the recent bank holiday trip to see Steve and Rachel Moody…


by Jonny Herring


Women’s Pastoral Worker

Kensington Baptist Church is seeking to appoint a Women’s Pastoral Worker to serve in our Easton congregation.


by Office Admin


Community Response Team

Nick Durston gives us an insight into the Community Response Team and an incentive to consider joining…


by Jonny Herring


Talk about Multi-cultural Church

John Beveridge writes about the new translation service for Iranians at the morning service in Easton…


by Jonny Herring


Open Mic Night

John Beveridge reflects on the good time had by many at the recent Open Mic Night run as part of A Passion for Life…


by Jonny Herring


Family Fun Afternoon – Emersons Green

Sara Neasham reflects on the Family Fun Afternoon enjoyed by many in Emersons Green…


by Jonny Herring


Gloriously Gourmet

Sharon Price reflects on the first Passion for Life event last Friday – Gloriously Gourmet…


by Jonny Herring

Iranian First for Kensington

John Beveridge reflects on a special evening as eleven brothers and sisters from Iran were baptised…


by Jonny Herring


Duck Hunting, Fire & The Cross

On Sunday evening I finished with an illustration borrowed from a book called ‘One Way Love’ by Tullian Tchividjian (a brilliant read!) I found it really helpful and thought it would be worth posting on the blog for people to read again…


by Jonny Herring

Don’t Go to the Bristol Men’s Convention…

…if you’re a woman. But if you’re a man, please join me and hundreds of others from our region at the Ashton Gate stadium conference centre on Saturday, June 14th. It could hardly be more worthwhile.


by Steve Wilmshurst

A Passion for Life – Prayer and Fasting

A brief explanation for why we are fasting in the run up to ‘A Passion for Life’. For further thought listen to the linked sermon by Steve on Matthew 6v16-18 or read pages 171-177 in his book ‘A Kingdom Manifesto’.


by Mark Detzler