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The Christmas Feast

By John Beveridge

We came together from many different countries and cultures to share good food, music, conversation and friendship. Quite a few of us had never met before. But that didn’t matter – what mattered was celebrating our common bond as human beings in the lead up to Christmas.

It was December 5th 2014 and we gathered at Kensington Baptist Church, inner-city Bristol, for the annual Christmas Feast. Assistant Pastor Tom Martin told us about his special Christmas present as a boy – a blue bicycle – then explained why Christ’s birthday holds out real hope for all mankind.

International food is always interesting and folk generously entered into the bring-and-share culture. Then a lively quiz got people talking and laughing together. The Gospel Jamming Collective, although newly-formed, played Gospel and secular music and, towards the end, got the young-at-heart into African-style dancing at the front !

So, overall, a memorable night. And – guess what – we’re already thinking about a repeat event next year with an even-bigger contribution from the many different countries represented in and around the Church.

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