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Day Centre – 40 Year Celebration!

By Ben Deeley

The day started rainy and dark, the umbrellas were out and ready to help. But like most weeks, by the time the first car had pulled up outside the front of the church the skies closed and the umbrellas were quickly put away. The cheery greetings outside the front of the church were even cheerier than normal and there was a sense of anticipation in the air.

The Day Centre has now been running for 40 years and it was time to celebrate God’s provision in true “Day Centre” style: cake, hymns, chatter and the gospel message. I’ve had the privilege of being involved for just 2 months and it was a real joy to be involved in the celebration.

After the first round of tea in the lower lounge a good number of both regulars and visitors made their way to the community hall for the service. Chris Andrew, who has run the Day Centre for many years, led the service. He kept his sense of humour with a Day Centre favourite of interviewing himself.  The service continued with many testimonies to God’s goodness and faithfulness over the 40 years.  This has been seen practically through the hard work of a large team of volunteers and also spiritually in the stories of those who have come to know Christ or been strengthened in their faith through this work.
The whole day pointed to God and gave him all the Glory.  It was a great pleasure that David Abernethie, who had been the pastor of Kensington when Day Centre was first started 40 years ago, was able to come and preach God’s word from John 5. Jesus came to save individuals like the man who had been crippled for 38 years. Everyone was challenged that if they had not already come to Jesus, now was the time. It was great to hear the gospel proclaimed as it has been week after week.
Thanks to the usual marvellous team of cooks and servers we all enjoyed a wonderful celebratory meal together. Conversation went on long after the meal had finished. As it was time to leave, the skies thankfully remained closed, and the right number of lifts were found. God had once again been faithful and good throughout the entire celebration.

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