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Meet the Ministry Apprentices

An interview with Ben Deeley

Q: If you owned a coffee shop which one would it be?

Boston Tea Party. It’s just so quirky, and it must make so much money with those coffee prices.

Q: Can you tell us about one of your favourite childhood memories?

I grew up in the wonderful town of Dunstable (above London, in Bedfordshire…  near Luton), and I have so many to choose from there. In the winter, close to my house, there was a great hill for sledging. Me and my friends used to go up late in the evening when the snow had become just a layer of ice, we’d then throw ourselves down it, all bundled onto of a piece of Perspex. The car parks would also become a layer of ice, which I began to appreciate once I was driving. They were really great times, and no one died.

Q: When did you become a Christian?

I don’t have a date. Looking back I knew what Jesus had done for me and I had asked for forgiveness by at least 9 or 10 years of age. But my relationship with him only really grew after I attended Contagious, a Bible conference in the Summer. This grounded me in God’s Word and made me excited to live for Jesus.

Q: Why have you been in Bristol for the last three years?

Well I mean it’s just such a great place, have you seen the bridge? Have you seen Dunstable? More pertinently I’ve been here to study the wonders of Physics at Bristol University. This has shown me some of the wonders of God’s incredible creation… and has also helped me with my jokes.

Q: What are you most excited about for this year?

Simply being here, in a church day in day out. Seeing its life, and the diversity of its ministries. Also I know holiness doesn’t come by osmosis or electron capture (the particle physics version of osmosis) but rubbing shoulders with godly people is so useful. Seeing how they live and the character they have helps me consider the way that I live and things I am to mimic. And the year comes to the best finish as I marry the wonderful Danielle.


An interview with Si Short

Q: If you owned a small business, what you specialise in?

Probably a small souvenir shop, specialising in trinkets and treats.

Q: What did you enjoy as you grew up?

As a teenager I was really into skateboarding. I used to spend most of my time outside school at the skatepark or in town with friends. I was also heavily into music and from the age of about 14 I’d either play or practice music 3-5 hours a day.

Q. When did you become a Christian?

I became a Christian when I was 16. I grew up in a Christian family, but it wasn’t until this age that I realised my need for Jesus to save me. Before this point I had lived a particularly wayward teenage life, which involved an unwholesome lifestyle. God then exposed this sin in me and by his word convicted me of my sin. I remember vividly being alone in my bedroom one summer night when this happened. It was unmistakable and I knew at that precise moment that I had been forgiven and changed.

Q: Why do you have a degree in bass guitar?

I’ve played bass since I was 9 or 10, and have always loved and enjoyed playing music. That’s the main reason, but in truth I used my degree in London to facilitate being able to live there so that I could start working in the music industry. My original plan was to stay in London after university and carry on working as a freelance musician, but clearly God had a different plan!

Q: What are you most excited about this year?

Kate and I are getting married in July next year, so obviously that tops the list! I am excited to get stuck in and work for a church which loves and desires to honour Christ and do all things through him and for him. I am excited to be serving on a staff where my superiors are godly and wise, all of whom have a desire to see our love for Christ and the church increase. I’m excited to investigate a call to full time ministry and see whether that’s what God wants Kate and me to do in the future. I’m excited to see where God puts us, whether he keeps us here or whether he sends us far and wide. I’m also greatly looking forward to getting stuck in with the teenagers and young adults here, getting to know them better and opening God’s Word with them.

Jonny Herring

Jonny is serving as Assistant Minister at The Village congregation. He is married to Charlotte and they have a daughter called Amelia. As well as spending time with his family, Jonny enjoys playing squash and dabbling in photography.