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A Trip to Moody Farm

By John Beveridge

Dump the smart-phone, ditch Ikea, forget the hoovering!

We wanna get out of the city, smell the wild garlic, see the kids really enjoy themselves, fall down in the mud, get dirt under our fingernails, eat good food and meet up with friends at an isolated, abandoned Welsh farm.

Sound too good to be true? Well that’s exactly what we (around 60 folk from church) did on Spring Bank Holiday Monday as we met up with Steve and Rachel Moody at their new venture near Rudry, Caerphilly.

Steve and Rachel, in typical pioneering fashion, recently left the city and moved out into the deep countryside. Their long-term goal is to give inner-city kids heading into criminality a taste of a different way of life which promotes independence, self-respect, and respect for others.

But Steve was at pains to downplay their personal role or “vision” for inner-city kids locked into a cycle of crime and drugs. Instead he simply says the Lord, the Living God, made the plan clear to them. So now they’re just getting on with the new challenge.

This kind of “diversion” scheme has been trialled in major cities like New York, and for some young people has transformed their lives. Now it could help our inner-city kids being sucked into a destructive lifestyle.

So it was great to be out there, enjoying the deep countryside and each other’s company. But it was even better to hear at first-hand more about this new Christian venture and get a sense of just what it could lead to.

So, at least for my part, I came back to Bristol pretty knackered after an endless crazy game of football-with-no rules, but with a feeling of joy and encouragement. And yes I was covered in scratches from riding a motorbike into a hedge, had mud on my clothes – and plenty of dirt under my fingernails!

Jonny Herring

Jonny is serving as Assistant Minister at The Village congregation. He is married to Charlotte and they have a daughter called Amelia. As well as spending time with his family, Jonny enjoys playing squash and dabbling in photography.