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Don’t Go to the Bristol Men’s Convention…

…if you’re a woman. But if you’re a man, please join me and hundreds of others from our region at the Ashton Gate stadium conference centre on Saturday, June 14th. It could hardly be more worthwhile.

Our speakers this year are Graham Daniels (of Christians in Sport), Graham Beynon (of Grace Church, Cambridge) and Richard Borgonon (specialist in 1-to-1s from St Helen’s, London).

The day costs £17 (including plenty of coffee and snacks but not including lunch) or £10 for concessions (students and unwaged). Please get in touch with Steve ( or Ben ( to join the group booking and avoid the booking fee!

Here’s a message from Mike Cain, who pastors Emmanuel Bristol and chairs the Convention:

Men of the future: Jesus is coming back. So what?

The Bible teaches that Jesus is coming back. We say it in the creeds. We sing it in our songs. But what difference does it really make to our lives?

The demands of the present loom so large in our hearts that the future feels unreal. Besides, we have been warned not to be “so heavenly minded that we are no earthly good.”

But Jesus says it is just the opposite. Unless we have a clear sight of the future, we will not know how to live in the present. If the church in the West has lost its prophetic edge, it is largely because we have lost sight of the future altogether. We have blended in because we have settled down to living as though this world is all there is.

Brothers, the only way to be radical in our day, is to be ready for the Day that is to come.

That’s why we want to spend some time setting our sights on the future. Graham Daniels will launch the convention by reminding us of what the Bible teaches about the return of Christ. Graham Beynon will, over two sessions, look at how it is the future that shows us who we really are and how we should really live. And, because Jesus is coming back, everyone needs to know. So Richard Borgonon will lead a more practical session that will inspire us and equip us to share Christ with our friends.

We hope you will join us in for a day of praising God, learning from His Word, and encouraging one another to be men of the future.

Steve Wilmshurst

Steve is Director of Training for Kensington. He's married to Andrea and they have two daughters, Sarah and Anna. Steve also runs the Cornhill+ training programme.